Sunday, 28 August 2011

London Calling

Alright, long time no blog. What neglect, but what a busy time! You can read some brief descriptions about some things I've been doing on my PJ Online blog.

Since I last wrote, I've been on holiday to Corfu (living it large and soaking up the sun), digging deeper into mark's gospel with 14-18s on an action packed camp in Dorset and 'going for gold' with a children's holiday club at my church in Norwich. I've seen more than one young person come to faith in Jesus Christ and learned loads myself along the way. I've spent some time at home cuddled up on the sofa with my cat Winston watching House and I've baked a few cakes here and there. I haven't learned any japanese (a summer project yet to get off the ground) but I've enjoyed catching up with friends.

I've been bowling more than once, partied on a boat and attended yet another barn dance. My most recent expedition has been beginning 4 weeks worth of work experience with The Pharmaceutical Journal. So far London living is treating me well thanks to a friend and her very kind family, the work is challenging and yesterday I spent a wonderful day with friends seeing sights in the big city. I loved the London eye and the natural history museum!

I just watched Doctor Who from last night. I liked it! I especially like Karen Gillan because she’s ginger, and I was admiring her green nail varnish. I might treat myself to some! I’m just about to finish my hospital pre-registration application form. I’m procrastinating until the end and still have a couple of big decisions left to make! As usual, I don’t know what to do! But I'm keeping it as casual as I can and trusting that God is sovereign.

Up until now, life has taken some turns which have surprised me and when I look back it's clear to me that all the wildcard choices have come up trumps for his reasons. The more I look back and think about how little clue I had when it came to doing my A Levels, choosing whether to go to uni and deciding what to study, the more I realise how much God's absolute wisdom is demonstrated in me. The fact I still have choices to make whilst playing my part in God's perfect plan is mind blowing but amazing all the same!