Sunday, 17 May 2009

Richard of York

AHH. Night before quite a big exam...been doing LOOOADS of revision but depressingly still know a relatively small amount of the material...

should i give up and go to bed?

make some angel delight?

attempt some more questions?

attack my notes once again with yet more coloured pens?

phone a friend?

waste the evening on facebook?

pray, recognising that only God can give me 40%?

any combination of the above?

Shame I can't write in proper paragraphs anymore. After church this evening, which made my heart beat slightly faster, I saw a beautiful rainbow (sorry to harp on about rainbows again) which actually made my heart beat a little faster still.

Here it is! Straight from the much loved camera phone, which sadly takes much better pictures than my actual camera at the moment.

Of course, it doesn't quite capture the intensity of it at all, but you get the general gist. Rainbows excite me a lot. I'm not sure 100% why- but there we are. I love all the different colours, and how they look against the sky when it seems full of rain.

I'm feeling pretty peaceful about the exam tomorrow. Perhaps too peaceful, as I really should revise. Urgh. viscosity schmosity. tonicity schmicity.

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