Sunday, 26 September 2010


So regretably I'm on a train heading east not nearly as quickly as I'd like it to with a fair few miles to go. Although I left my heart at home with my accordian and a much loved rainbow coloured tambourine, a small part of me is looking forward to learning some stuff. Having weaned myself back into education over the past couple of weeks with a job in a school, the prospect is not quite so frightening. Although I have to admit that whilst many of my friends have been working hards in Boots/Lloyds and various other pharmaceutical gigs, I've possibly been into a pharmacy once over the last 4 months. And even then this was only was due to an expensive creme d'solaire emergency on holiday in France.

Sadly it's getting noticeably colder, it will be october soon and the summer is officially over. It did almost surprisingly end with a bang though, with yet another epic weekend fusion of partying and various church related activities.

Friday night was exciting. As a few good friends from church, we have been promising a wild night out on the town together for possibly years now. On friday these plans finally came to joyful fruition as we headed out to Terrace followed by fanclub, even stopping along the way to meet the nice folk from the 'Jesus army' bus, which somehow I didn't even realise was part of Leicester's night life. We had coctails, giggles and lots of dancing before food on the way home. To make the evening's happenings more outrageous, Miss Deb Goodhead and Mr Nathan White positively peer pressured me to stay out until 5am..shocker! It was an evening of discovery as we soberly arrived and crazily danced at a rather shifty underground club I'd never even known about before. Amazing!

After a big trip to the co-op to buy such essentials as new teatowels, oven gloves and a tin opener, the joyful celebrations continued. I attended alongside many friends, the wedding of Pat and Don Smith! Having never really been to a wedding of anyone I know well (the last time being when I was about seven), it turns out I really like weddings! What a joyful day of singing, cake, catching up with friends and celebrating with the happy couple. I was still going over it all in my head when I got home! After church (yet more musical madness!) this morning we on behalf of all the youth stealthily and hilariously pimped out their honeymoon caravan with a big just married sign and some 'caravan raiders' challenges to complete along the way!

And now, here we go, to the east. So far third year is like first year but with much less preparation. Looking forward to rocking up at my new house in the not too distant future!

Ciao for now.

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