Tuesday, 5 April 2011

pharmaLIFE: blogging pharmaceutically

So, I've earned a spot blogging on the PJonline website. Another time commitment to squeeze in and an additional meaty CV filler arising as a symptom of the new zeal for clinical pharmacy I seem to be experiencing.

It would seem I ended up training in this profession a result of process of elimination, accidental logic and some encouragement from others. In all of it I can also see God's awesome sovreignty. I liked science at school, and had an interest in working with people. I didn't want to be a doctor, but when I stumbled into a department open day, pharmacy seemed to fit. Although always working hard and often enjoying the work, a quiet reluctance has thus far been ever present with respect to my long term life choices. So this genuine interest of late, in my degree and it's relevance to the world of work has naturally taken me a little by surprise!

This is not to say that my current enthusiasm will continue long term,that I will work as a pharmacist forever or even far beyond pre-reg because genuinely God only knows what will happen. But what I am saying is that I have an interest in pharmaceutics, and sometimes I am amazed at the novel things people have thought of to try and get problem drugs into the body. I like pharmacetical care planning (well, I think I do) because now I feel like I have some clinical knowledge, the prospect of it to the lives of real people (and keeping them alive) does not seem so foreign. I like medication, I like people, I like talking, I like helping. Therefore I like helping people by talking about their medication.

I am, at heart, quite geeky. Other symptoms of this recent enthusiasm have presented over the past few weeks. I went to a student Interprofessional Learning Conference last week, and had the interesting experience of attending and taking part in The Great Intercollegiate Pharmacy Debate held at KCL over the weekend. I sometimes help out on pharmacy open days showing prospective students around the uni and i even considered applying for a summer research project. I have pharmacy related 'evidence of esteem' coming out of my ears. Just as well; I need all the coursework marks I can get considering those pointless ones we loose for emailing in a tesco team roles questionnaire 5 minutes late.

I'll maybe be writing more about these pharmacy escapades, and the pharmaceutical wonders which amaze me a bit more in my new blog, found at http://www.pjonline.com/blog/pharmalife .

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