Monday, 27 October 2008

UEA Christian Union Houseparty! (and other things)

After an afternoon in the fake pharmacy learning about drugs and inevitably pasta for dinner I thought I'd write a blog. Life at the University of East Anglia is somehow becoming (almost) normality, I'm feeling way more settled. Having become fully competent in the laundry department, branched out a little in the kitchen and survived a week without my parents in the country to ring with ridiculous questions like 'is it okay to cook mince from frozen', I suppose I'm just feeling a bit more grown up. The last 6 weeks have been in many ways quite a steep learning curve for me. I'm keen to learn how to do everything entirely depending upon God's grace.

For example, I think that I'll always be a worrier when it comes to learning. When it comes to Physiology, and basically anything vaguely biological (which you can imagine is quite alot!) I am literally clueless, giving academic insecurities plenty of room to run around in my brain and get in the way of all the long similar sounding words for different types of cells that I'm trying to learn. If I am honest, it is terribly easy for me, in the middle of an epic friday afternoon of molecular cell biology, when everyone else seems to know the difference between their eukaryotes and their prokaryotes, to wonder what on earth I am doing at university at all! I know however, from my last years at Groby, it's just a case of banging out loads of hardcore hours in the library- though I must add this is of course easier said than done. I am taking great encouragement from Colossians 3 verses 23-24 which say ‘Work hard and cheerfully whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord and not for men’.

Here more than ever I’m recognising the need to be dependant solely on God for everything- to know a God who created everything, knows my innermost faults and yet still loves me the way I am is incredible. The same grace that saves me from death and brings me into a new relationship with God, is never ending- God keeps giving and giving.

Another ongoing challenge for me is to do everything ‘without complaining or arguing’ the bible says. When I’ve had a rough day or I’ve got a challenge ahead of me i find it so easy to slip into whiney mood. But when I look at Jesus, who willingly died on the cross, my daily struggles seem so pale in comparison, and I realise, looking at what God has done for me- that I do have reason to rejoice always, regardless of the situation.

I could go on writing and writing about the things I am learning, both pharmaceutical and God-related, but I’ll quickly tell you about recent goings on before I run off to have a cup of tea and a girly chat.

The couple of weeks have been fairly chilled out- not many mental nights, but there has been some very wet football training, hardcore pharmacy, rock gospel choir singing, a couple of church dinner parties, a good few tea drinking sessions and the odd late night giving out hot chocolate to drunken club leavers engaging in at times some fairly heavy theology. This weekend was the i Union annual houseparty weekend, in Great Yarmouth! It was cold, very cold, but i still paddled in the sea, and we went on the pier. I was both challenged and really encouraged by the talks focused on God’s grace, and pleased to be able to help out in the music group too. It was awesome to spend time getting to know people a little better and I’ve come away with a good few learning points, humbled I think, and far more aware of just how much I continually need God’s undeserved favour, and just how much I can aim to change my attitudes and behaviour. You’ll see the photos on my facebook I’m sure.

This weekend I’m looking forward to Friday night- dinner with the church girlies, followed by the pharmacy social then LCR..I hear also that my good friend Tasha is coming to visit UEA and so I look forward to giving her a big hug and catching up if at all possible under the excessive noise of very drunk people sticking to the floors of the union club. Saturday brings a BPSA (thats the British Pharmacy Students Association) conference in London! I thought I’d show some enthusiasm and check the scene, although I’m not quite sure how fun this will be, especially having to rise at ridiculous O’Clock to catch the train. Never mind. Fun times approach anyway.

For now though, I must say goodnight, because its teatime for me.
Lots of Love

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