Saturday, 7 February 2009

Jesus: The Real Deal

After a Snowy week, although Norwich has escaped far more than most cities it seems, today has brought glorious sunshine, prompting me to get out of bed quite quickly and head off for a walk around the lake, frozen over and shimmering. Such impulsive adventures in the cold may have been a mistake for my general health as I currently sound like a man due to a sore throat and general coldness. Perhaps this is partially inflicted by too much going out and not enough work, or my quite frankly obscene sleeping pattern this week. Having spent a typical and wonderful weekend at home last weekend, I returned on Sunday night to the flat to find James and Jo had taken the plunge and finally cleared our kitchen table of it's piles of general kitchen crap, replacing the broken rice cooker, empty jars, cookery books,miscellaneous cutlery,plate of solidified pasta etc with flowers. It was a joy to behold. Otherwise the week has been a week of tea parties galore, dancing (Disney fancy dress LCR and Mercy's 'Popcorn party' in honour of Beccy's fake birthday), wine, cake, tea, staying up all night having heavy theological discussions, singing and still, much to my upcoming trauma, doing very little real hard work. I've been reminded of God's grace through so many conversations and I am really beginning to get worried about how little work I have done.

Last weekend marked Lucie's birthday, and a last minite decision to mission back home in honour of the occasion, amongst other things. I hung out with my family loads, cuddled the cat, and helped Dad to choose and buy his new guitar, before sharing dinner with my parents and my brother. On Saturday night I joined the girls at Lucie's house which was so lovely, and she woo-ed us with her coctail making skills before we headed into town- to Sumo- a bar i hadn't been to in a very long time! It was great to hang out, have a giggle and catch up over more green stuff in jugs, before we went on to Mosh, one of my favourite places to go in the world, especially after a time away. We danced, although at some points it was more a case of holding certain friends upright for a while, and of course we finished the night off in Subway- fast food being the only way to top off a fun night out. I concealed my upset about having to speed back to Norwich the next day, but I can't say I haven't been loving my time here. Of course I can't complain about being far from home, when my flatmate's home is Australia, but it can be sad all the same knowing that I can't teleport where I like, when I like in order to see my friends from Leicester more often. Whilst it is so normal not to see them for weeks/months, I don't miss them any less, and it doesn't take long to slip immeadiately back into the old routines once I'm back home. The train journey to Peterborough on the way back was a sad one, but I couldn't have a better city to come back 'home' to than Norwich.

Having squished around in the mud and braved the perilously icy path around the lake, I'm thinking about doing some work, or accompanying some friends to morrisons to finally go food shopping, a task I am not a fan of, and have been putting off for four weeks. I am queen of procrastination, as the existence of this blog shows. I think morrisons calls me. I really need to sort my life out. My lecture notes are everywhere, I need to fill in a CRB and send it back to spring harvest, find out excactly where I am every day next week so I can juggle an excessive amount of copies of Mark's gospel about because of 'Jesus: The Real Deal'..or 'Jesus Week' as a frequent visitor to our flat called it. Each day next week the Christian Union will be holiding events at lunchtime and in the evenings- including free food, and at each event a talk by a visiting speaker about Jesus, and why we love him. It's so exciting and such an amazing opportunity to tell everyone on campus about the relationship we can have with God because of what Jesus has done for us! We are expecting great things to happen- we want everyone to be talking about Jesus! Each flat on campus will be getting flyers through their door- Beccy and I took them round across most of Colman House yesterday, and had some really good conversations with people. It is going to be a crazy week I think.

As I drink tea, and enjoy my last tin (!) of Tuna, it seems like Morissons is calling me even louder. I'm in a continual tug of war between pharmacy work and fun times...although the two can be combined with the help of a chinese takeaway revision party when times get harder. I'm trying not to let academic apathy get the better of me- one day soon I'll spring into PBL/IPL/Presentation/Essay/Top 25 drugs/Portfolio/Chemistry/Biology action, promise!

I'm hoping to be on the Spring Harvest Children's volunteer team this year, realising that this is the only way I can afford to go! I don't know anyone who is going the same week as me yet, but I guess if I can actually get round to filling in the official application form, I can go it alone. I think i'll have to go (heavily laden with books) from Norwich straight after term ends, which will be exhausting- but I'm up for it. In the time I have done children's work at home, God has taught me far more than I have taught them- and it will be a great way to serve.

Enough with the procrastination now anyway- no more nonsense.
But I'll have to leave you with this:

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