Saturday, 14 February 2009

Outrageous Grace

Times have been so busy recently that I really shouldn't be awake right now writing when I could be in bed sleeping, but I can't be stopped from procrastinating. My family are coming to UEA to visit tomorrow which will be great, althoug it does mean I'll have to be awake tomorrow (Saturday) to welcome them!

The past couple of weeks have been epic, to use just one of my current favourite words.

Last week was 'Jesus Week' as Ken from next door so lovingly put it. 'Jesus: The Real Deal' (to use the proper branding) was awesome. I didn't suppose we would call it 'mission week' for nothing, but I hadn't anticipated the physical strain that carrying a suitcase or two of gospels around everywere with me would have! For those not in the know, the CU have spent the entirety of last week at UEA running outreach events- the aim? To 'Make Jesus Known'! It's been amazing to see how it all works, to help out where possible with cheese storage and washing up and to experience as ever, more of God's never failing faithfulness. With a lunchbar (thats free food and a talk about Jesus for those not in the know) every day, and an evening event to follow we had our hands (quite literally) full pretty much non stop. Its amazing to witness so many people getting to hear about Jesus, especially close friends. In the flat, we've had some really interesting/exciting/exhausting times too, discussing/debating with and learning from eachother. There more I talk about other faiths though, the more I am convinced that following Jesus is so different from everything else you can believe about life, death and the universe. I can have a real relationship with God, and the assurance of eternal life spent with him- even though I'm bound to mess up every day. Thankfully what I do will never earn me that relationship with him, he's done it all! I've fallen, like everyone else, far short of God's glory and yet he still sees fit to bring me into a relationship with him through an awesome sacrifice.

I had a really encouraging conversation about the gospel with a friend, who isn't a christian, but who finds it completely mindblowing (and rightly so!). It went something like this:

So..let me get this straight..God made us for a relationship with him..but then we turned our backs on him, and thats Sin? So I'm sinning and you're sinning, every day, and this seperates us from God..


But God loves us so much, that he sent his son, A man? to earth?


Who was basically God, but also a man?


Right...and he came so that he could die, and take the sin that seperates us from God on himself so that we can have a relationship with him?


So you're going to heaven?




wow. and you actually believe this?



And I realised that yes, it's all a bit outrageous. To hear this for the first time, must be pretty outrageous- but then this is God we're talking about. God became human, is Father Son and Holy Spirit all at once, and actually communicates with us. He made the whole universe, but knows and cares when I sit down or stand up, knowing my every thought but loving me nonetheless. That is outrageous grace.

Uni work has been rolling along as usual, this week I've tried to start (slowly) climbing the pharmacy mountain, as the mountain of christian stuff at the end of my bed slowly grows.

I'd want it no other way though. Keeping 1000 or so copies of Mark's gospel at the foot of your bed isn't a bad conversation starter I've found and transporting these around campus in a suitcase or two every day has genuinely made me 'hench' if indeed this is even a word.

This evening I've had a wild time at the laundrette, but at least when my parents visit tomorrow it will maybe look like I'm coping well with life generally.

I need to write more, or continue feeling guilty about blog neglect, but I literally can't wait to go to sleep. It's been a long week, what with double laboratorying, silent discoing, top 25 drugs card gaming, an exciting/pretty frightening proposed role on the Christian Union Comittee next year, singing, tea drinking, lecture attending and sleep neglecting.

I'll write something more soon. but early bed for me now.
goodnight x

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