Saturday, 13 June 2009

Goodbye, Colman House!

I returned home this afternoon for the summer break- having left Colman House quite stressfully and swiftly in fear of getting fined for handing my key in late, there was barely time getting emotional over my final departure from flat fifteen. However clutching the very last box of belongings and letting the flat door lock itself behind me for the final time felt really strange, knowing that having handed my key in, I had no way of getting back in. Though I definately couldn't spend another year living in halls, I am so glad that I have lived in Colman house- where I have made some lifelong friends.

My first year at uni has passed so quickly that it could even be mistaken for a dream. In some ways I have learnt lots of things about how to be a 'grown up' and look after myself, but in many ways, I feel absolutely no different to the evening before I first moved into Colman House. I'm once again sitting up writing a nostalgic blog and my room is similarly filled with boxes and bags full of my belongings. If i didn't have a memory, I might even think myself transported back to that day. I wasn't particularly keen on the idea of going to university, could have done with another few months of doing nothing in order to fully prepare myself and more apprenhensive than I'd anticipated I might be when the time came to actually pile all my stuff into the car and go.

I remember wondering who I might meet, and imagining all sorts of un-named un-faced new friends. Now, I can look back over the year, and think of all the friends I have made- sticking names next to faces and saying thankyou to God for putting me at UEA, in Colman House, flat 15, room L and for giving me a vague interest in pharmacy.

Home just feels the same as it always felt- and now I associate it with holidays, and chilling out. Good job I get to spend the next few months on holiday/chilling out! Though, I think there is a high chance of having to take a genetics resit...but we shall see when the results come out!

I've got 6 minuites left of being much for the classic and very overplayed 'I wanna stay eighteen forever' line courtesy of Brand New, that we all know and loved so well back in our college days at only 16..I'm beginning to feel a little old now! I'm looking forward to being 19 though- there are lots of places to go and people to see. In september I'll be moving into a new house on South Park Avenue- can't wait! But until then there are lots of things to be done.

This summer I intend to repeat last year's scrapbook documenting of all antics, whilst also catching up on filling a book with memoirs of my first year at uni. I hope to spend lots of time reading (theology, and fun books, instead of pharmacy). I'm off to Malia, with the girlies from college, then back to Crete with the family! Maplewell Hall (ie. God camp), a trip to France and Forum, a camping conference for CU leaders are on the cards later on in the holidays too. As you might imagine, I'll need to spending plenty of time in paid work to manage all of this too. Busy times! Very exciting anyway.

I'm tired, enough writing. More on travellers and Jesus next time :)

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