Thursday, 31 December 2009

2009 Blogged!

So, it’s new year’s eve....time for the now traditional end of year round up on things that have happened since the last EPIC blogfest... Looking forward to a new year’s party tonight in Sheffield only brings back fond, giggly memories of the unique opening of the year just passed...

I spent the first nine hours of 2009 with my old school friends wandering around Paris trying to keep warm, avoid muggers/rapists and locate safe places to go to the toilet. The fireworks display we eagerly awaited by the Eiffel tower was disappointingly nonexistent, leaving us to entertain ourselves all night on the crowed and very rowdy streets of Paris. We definitely did not see the city in it’s finest hour and quickly regretted our neglect of booking a hotel! However, knowing that the retrospective hilarity of the whole experience would kick in as soon as we got back to our house in Dieppe kept spirits up, and added some comedy. Despite the fear of mugging, the night was well documented with photos.

Unfortunately only one cafe was open all night, but finding this was a blessing, although the toilets were out of order which was bad as we eagerly awaited our 9am train back to Dieppe. I honestly enjoyed visiting the Arc d’ Triumphe at 6am. We home at around 1pm on new year’s day and most people slept for a few hours. On awaking, we prepared bangers and mash for dinner before celebrating the coming of the new year with a more conventional ‘fake new year’ party.

Kindly, Caroline and Paul allowed sixteen of us (my friends from Groby Community place ever) spend part of the Christmas holidays in their lovely cosy cottage near to Dieppe! Although cold, the weather was sunny and we enjoyed lots of walking, cheese, wine and spending time in eachother’s company! Everything including the ferry journeys from getting lost in the French countryside to a night in Newhaven Travelodge was absolutely hilarious.

More to follow...

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