Saturday, 5 June 2010

Second year and the start of the summer

What a shocker! Aside from an attempt at Christmas, this blog has been so neglected for more or less an entire year. My fourteen year old blogger extraordinare self is saddened and slightly ashamed at my general apathy as I approach the old age of twenty in just over a week.

I did try for the traditional end of year round up blog but fell dramatically at the first hurdle as time caught up with me and i jumped on the train for a flying trip to sheffield to spend new year with Sian and co. before rising at the crack of dawn and heading rapidly to Luton in order to see family. This pattern of slightly ridiculous geographical movements seemed to set the tone for the rest of the year thus far.

So, my real purpose for writing is to reclaim the blog! To write, as if no one were reading, and to document 'love, last minutes and lost evenings' as I have done in the past. The awesome love of God demonstrated by Jesus Christ on the cross,traumatic personal tales of last minute coursework deadlines and evenings brilliantly lost mass producing charity cd inlays in front of bad films. Unlikely to get down to the buisness of blogging quite so frequently I'll attempt to update a bit more regularly than I have over the past year, which shouldn't be too difficult given the recent track record! Given this record, I've got about eighteen months of pure excitement to catch up on. I'll do this (another time) with funky photos and bullet points because I am super lazy today. Here's to the briefest of updates.

For the first time in ages, I've spent the day doing absolutely nothing. Another day the same and I might go super stir crazy, but it has been fun. I went along to church this morning, had spaghetti pie (a South Park Avenue special) for lunch, and spent some quality time catching up with Doctor Who on bbc iplayer before watching a favourite film ('Say Anything') with the housemates and Miss Vicky Cann, who popped in for a cuppa. After returning to church for the evening service, dinner (a gift of leftover BBQ kebabs) a phone call to the rents and a few episodes of 'Friends' occurred. This, literally, is all.

On Wednesday, my second year Studying Pharmacy at the University of East Anglia officially came to a close. I can't say that academically it hasn't been a long uphill struggle of a year. As an old Physics teacher used to say, I've been eating a very large elephant bit by bit and taking very small bites. The question of what to do when I grow up (because I am definitely not grown up yet!) has caused an undesirable and most likely unnecessary degree of angst. I'm still pondering...

Despite my musings and reluctant pharmacist tendencies I can confidently say that I have studied hard this year, particularly over the past few months leading up to the exam period and the handing in of loads of coursework. Whether my efforts are reflected in results coming later this month remains to be seen, but a valiant effort was made if I say so myself. People sometimes ask, oddly, what grade I aim to achieve at the end of it all; there is no strategy but to aim for 100%, pray for 40% and hope to land somewhere in between!

The absolutely EPICly busy nature of the last few weeks (and to be honest the entire academic year) has brought me to a point, at the beginning of my summer holidays, where 'yes!' is now the general answer to everything (within reason). Yes to birthday parties and flights to Belfast for a start. Yes to reading for pleasure, guilt free rubbish on television, trips out on the new (free!) bike given to me by a lady at church..the best thing ever! I'll be spending the next few days in Norwich, catching up with folk, trying to avoid getting sunburnt and attempting to finish some of the books I have been reading all year, before heading home for the summer holidays.

The next few months should be exciting (and pharmacy free). I'll be heading off on holiday with the Groby girls, spending a week in France, helping out a holiday club with South Park church, heading off to Maplewell Hall, on camp with the guys and girls from my home church youth group and hopefully spending some time with my nanny. I'm really looking forward to spending some time with my family, and even heading back to work for how ever long they'll have me at New Parks Library!

So,stay tuned folks. Sometime soon I'll treat you sometime to a journey in photos through the last year of my life. It turns out I do have stuff to say, maybe even things that are more important than telling the internet what I watched on TV today.


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