Sunday, 14 December 2008

Home, sweet home!

Having returned yesterday from a crazy term at university, and somehow surviving entirely unscathed, I sit on the sofa, enjoying the fact that we actually have a sofa, watching the new ridiculously large new television bought in my absence. It's literally like being at the cinema!
I'm just having a rest and taking the time to recover from this afternoon's fairly successful and stressful family shopping trip before it's time to go to the castle this evening. Having also been to church at Groby URC this morning, it is so clear to me that really, my life hasn't changed all that dramatically at all.

Knowing I've got plenty of work to keep me ticking over these holidays, and a good few christmas carols to brush up on, I really shouldn't continue slobbing around like this for the entire of the christmas holidays, but the temptation to do so after such a mental term is very strong. However there are places to go and people to see in abundance and probably plenty of Happy birthday Jesus balloons to blow up amongst other things. We've got an annual trip to the pantomime and Granny will visit us from Scotland. I've got to catch up with everyone, make sure i spend enough time at church, and also the pub, and learning, and of course I've got to bang out a few days working at the library because I've never been so poor!

Its going to be fun times I think.

I can't quite believe I'm home. It was pretty sad saying bye for a while to flat 15 Colman House, and the friends I have made over the last few weeks at UEA- it isn't until you look back over it all that you realise what great relationships you have formed. I am so thankful to God. I wont pretend there weren't terrifying moments, but God's amazing grace and provision has been enough and more for me, in every situation. You really notice when you find yourself completely on your own, the need to rely fully upon God for everything, and i think i've learnt to do this a lot more recently. I've met tons of my brothers and sisters in Norwich, who have all shown so much kindness and encouragement to me, and I've learnt lots already from their company. Pharmacy is so hardcore, the workload is epic, but with Christ who gives me strength, I can do anything, Including physiology and pharmacology, physical biochemistry, pharmaceutical maths and much more!

I cant wait next term to be involved in UCCF's FREE gospel project, especially during the Christian Union's mission week. I'll be getting to help out with the distribution of 2500 free copies of Mark's gospel..what an amazing opporunity! Its so exciting, though I know its going to an epicly busy term!

All in all, university is awesome. Home is awesome.
I'll be more eloquent once I've slept for a couple of days and my brain turns back from mush into something that works. I'll probably end up ranting about the current traller site proposal uproar in Groby. But for now, this is all. x

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