Thursday, 4 December 2008

A tale of two cities

Having spent an awesome weekend back home in Leicester and returned to wonderful UEA on Sunday evening feeling a bit sad, I’m now wondering where on earth the last 4 days have gone. Of course they’ve vanished in a whirlwind of mad essay writing, really shoddy surprise keyboard playing at the CU christmas carol service, chinese takeaway, lap reporting and thinking about physical biochemistry revision. Every time I think I’m the most unprepared I’ve ever been for an exam, another one comes along a week later and tops it. I’m feeling thankful to God this evening for bringing me to UEA to live with Sunny , who so willingly taught me integration and differentiation this afternoon, even though I’m pretty sure that this exam is still going to turn out an epic fail.

Being at home in Leicester was at first strange, but then really good fun. A meal out with my family, a shopping trip with the parents, hot chocolate in the john lewis cafe and a night out on the town with the Bro’s and Hoes, just like the good old days- starting off at the castle, and bundling a bunch of people into a taxi in the wee small hours of the morning, holding the contents of an undisclosed friend’s handbag so she could throw up into it. Good times. I went to Church and held new baby Alex, born since i’ve been at uni, and caught up with loads of people I’ve missed. My grandparents came to visit from Luton, and I had time to sit and cuddle my cat on the sofa, although admittedly not much of it due to a fairly crazy schedule!

Back in Norwich things continue, and I realise that basically, my life at UEA is effectively the same as life in Leicester. It consists of learning, going out with friends, drinking tea with friends, having the odd deep and kind of meaningful conversation with friends, church and Chinese takeaways, church and going to the pub after church, sleeping..eating...

The only difference seems to be that I’m learning at university. I learned lots at Groby, but by the end of the summer holidays, although i remembered banging it out and all the good times, actually learning stuff and applying my brain seemed a distant memory- to the point where home was purely associated with hanging around in fields, singing the odd folk song, pottering between various churches, pubs and my house- where plenty of visitors would always come for a cup of tea and a chat. I’m remembering good times and looking forward to more of the same over Christmas!

Anyway, I should do less of the writing and more of the snoozing, as tomorrow will be a busy day, and the Pharmacy Christmas Ball means that tomorrow night, post physical biochemistry exam, at the Ramada Jarvis hotel, will be an even busier night I can imagine! I’ve a new dress, and I can’t wait!

Photos of recent times to come soon.xx

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