Tuesday, 25 November 2008

As white as snow

It was a partially productive weekend of fairly high spirits. Fairly high spirits due to a combination of having survived the epic ordeal of week nine containing an insane amount of work, meeting up with a friend who'd come to visit UEA and some pretty heavy snowfall here. I now sit up later than I probably should, contemplating over a cup of strange fruit tea, the many things in life that I don't understand, such as logarithams and why really horrible things happen to 'good people'. It's fruit tea because I thought I'd take the opportunity whilst at uni to branch out a bit with my tea, but the only real reason to drink on a regular basis would be if you've got no milk. (It's better than black tea but not as good as normal tea with milk).

So, as often is the case, It's all quiet here in flat 15, though I can hear the boys next door not long back from the gym. Having half planned to go out into town, I was dissapointed to find everyone else bailing (lame!) but suppose that I should really be saving money for the mental weekend at home in leicester which I hope will come quickly, despite needing to borrow Bernard's watch again to fit in all the work I need to get done before I bail on Friday's lectures and compulsory workshop in favour of a train home to my lovely bath, cat, family and friends in Groby. I think that all original plans I had for a quiet weekend at home, bathing, sleeping, relaxing and recouperating were clearly very foolish- of course this is going to be an old school mental weekend of church-pub-pub-club-church isn't it?!I'm wondering whether or not I'll get the time to look round Leicester in search of that lovely miracle green dress I've been after for years, in time for the pharmacy ball next week..a big day all round, what with a lab report due in and yet another, this time even more threatening physical biochemistry exam! *sigh*

And so, yes, contemplating the things I don't understand. I never quite realised how many of those things there are before coming to university, where I appear comparatively to know so little. Logs, and redox potentials are back to haunt me..in a kind of nostalgic way I suppose. In the laundrette today, where by happy coincidence we ended up having an excited gathering in honour of Sally's birthday, I ended up perusing some of Katie's notes on Keats. 'Thou still, unravish'd bride of quietness!' brought back many a memory of classic Friday afternoon English lessons in room 47 and made me wonder for a moment why on earth I wanted to be a scientist when I could very well waffle on about poetry for three years. However, realising that my next task in life to overcome is actually to write an Essay contributing 10% to one of my modules, I remember why I decided to be a scientist..I'm simply not a fan of essay writing!

Tomorrow, somehow, amazingly, wonderfully, marvelously, I don't have to go to any lectures until 3pm. 3pm! This is a once-a-year day! I'll celebrate by eating breakfast (I can just about remember what that's like..), hanging around in my PJ's until such time as I really can't put off the library visit any longer, and getting down to the cheery task of writing an essay containing wise words on a disease of my choice, cheery stuff I know.

Ahhhh. need sleep. going to sleep tomorrow, just a little longer than normal. :-)

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