Thursday, 20 November 2008

I can do all things..

With a previously unimaginable 'to do' list this week, my mood has been oscillating at a relatively high frequency from 'mitochondria drowning in sea of cytoplasm' to 'helicopter of clarity'. As my very first term at University draws closer to its end, I can look back over the last nine weeks and be so thankful to God for the friendships I've made and the fun I've been having, and for his continual provision for me every day. I didn't fail my Physical Biochemistry coursetest, and somehow, I didn't fail Physiology either...all Glory to God who has kept me smiling even when the outlook has been a bit grey. Like this morning, when on the first attempt at my labreport, I determined the percentage of caffeine in a pro plus tablet to be 187%. (If only!).

However, whilst I managed to bang out the Physiology with style, approaching tomorrow's Cells and life molecules coursetest worth 20% of the module is somewhat like staring death in the face. Because this week has been so taken up with IPL (that's interprofessional learning), PBL (problem based learning),placement (a trip to a drug factory!), an epic lab report and seemingly 101 other things too, my revision (i say revision, everyone knows i am learning all this brand new) has been put off until today. Now, I've never had quite so much stuff to learn in one day. I say this, whilst procrastinating a little more, but there's only so much you can do, and what i should be doing is sleeping, ready for an early start and lots more last minuite learning..its the only way to go! It's been an intense couple of weeks- so much so that I'm starting to feel like a recluse, and am very much looking forward to a few mental nights of merriment over the weekend and into next week. A couple of birthdays, a 'day glo rave' themed club night, CU christmas carol singing practice, hot chocolate, and a trip to the cinema ensure that the coming few days should be good fun.

Last weekend was awesome- Chris, fairly unannouced decided he'd come to visit, and it was a lovely visit- with a wander round sharing some sights of Norwich, dinner cooked for Katie and I, late night chatting, wine (oh, how i realise i have missed wine!) and of course Church on Sunday morning. After sadly seeing him off to the station, my spirits were lifted by yet another amazing student lunch provided by the good people at Kings Community Church. I returned home to my masssiiive pile of work full to the brim with quality grub, yet another reminder to me of God's never ending grace!

What else to say? Ah..Monday took a minibus of slightly annoyed (because we wanted to revise instead of go on a pharmacy students to Napp Pharmaceuticals..a big drugs manufacturer in cambridge. Despite bad timing, the day before our chemistry coursetest, I really liked the placement! On arrival, we were treated to a couple of talks by important looking men over free food; on the company itself, and then on the different stages of Drug development. I genuinely found it really interesting. Then we trekked downstairs to be given a full guided tour of the factory- donned in oversized lab coats, special safety shoes, goggles and hair nets we were shown oodles of painkillers being made from their raw materials, coated, packaged etc- it was coooool. Then, to put the icing on the cake, quite literally, free tea, and cake! What more could you ask for in a placement really?

On Tuesday after a heavy day of last minuite revision, an epic fail chemistry coursetest and lectures in lovely pharmacology, I was pleased to end the day at Christian Union, although less pleased to have to bail on hot chocolate handing out in favour of my bed. Wednesday morning was IPL oh the joys, and action group, and football- which was awesome, especially so beacause of the wonderful weather- i really do enjoy it.

I'm looking forward to going home in 9 days! Just for the weekend, but I think i will bail on friday afternoon lectures in order to make it home in time to chillax on my sofa with Winston and have a bath a bit before bed, or alternatively having a cheeky dance at Fanclub if I've got company? These are the things I have missed, and of course, I look forward so much to seeing a few people who're at home at the minuite. I love university, but it might be cool to hang out in a kitchen where it smells nice and there isnt rice encrusted into everything for a while.

Anyway, time has marched quickly on. I'm not scared about my exam tomorrow really, though failure could occur. But those of you who pray, please remember my imminent cells and life molecules trauma tomorrow at 4pm. I know that 'I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength'.

Though I continue to worry about how on earth I'll fit everything into the days of the week, pharmacy and otherwise, I know that I needn't. When things are rough I know the most important thing is the fact that I know God's amazing love for me, so great that he would send his only son to die so that I can be have a real relationship with God. This fact, reguardless of my mood, never changes...which means I can, and should always be joyful in light of God's grace.

'Always be full of joy in the Lord.I say it again- rejoice! Let everyone see that you are considerate in all you do. Remember, the Lord is coming soon. Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God's peace which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.'
Phillipians 4.4-7

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