Tuesday, 11 November 2008

A quick hello.

After a weekend with my parents here visiting, I've been enjoying the luxury of actually having food in the cupboards and a choice of what to eat following a family outing to Morrisons. After the initial and eneviatble car journey induced parental stress of their arrival, it was a great weekend- in reflection I can't believe i hadn't seen my parents in seven weeks! Although having met up with my family now makes me miss them more, it means that home and university life appear to be starting to merge together now, where before they seemed two entirely seperate worlds. I guess that the more I make the journey to and from cities, the more normal it will become that I now have two homes, although I'm still sure, although Norwich is indeed a fine city, that there is no place quite like Leicester.

With coursetests and assignments flying round left right and centre I've literally spent the last couple of days eating, and working and drinking tea. I'm trying to get the entire physiology of the body to fill my head before Friday, whilst also to juggle maths for tomorrow, chemistry and another biology test coming up next week. The classic Groby phrase 'bang it up bang it out!' has never been more applicable. I'm just off to christian union, so I'll cut this one remarkably short, and say I'll write more later :)

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